Friday, 6 September 2019

5 Best Islamic Apps For Hajj

Appearance in the Kaabah is really an unusual experience. Traveling to Makkah makes the most of Umrah experience. There are some useful smartphone apps which can help get through Umrah and feel intensely connection with God in this spiritual journey of a lifetime. 

Hajj & Umrah by Darussalam 

First of all, we should strive to prepare ourselves with the knowledge to perform Ibadah. So, before going, pilgrims should learn about what they need to do for October umrah packages and its meaning. 

Hajj & Umrah is an unusual app that offers pilgrims a quick indication of the basics. Strikingly showed and easy to follow, this is not only great learning support to help pilgrims prepare before they go, but it also acts as a suitable checklist and revision resource when they are there. 

Dua in Quran by Badr Interactive 

This is a great blessing to be in the most spiritual place on earth, so this is when pilgrims want to make lots and lots of dua! Numerous pilgrims advise to write down duas so pilgrims don't forget them. Moreover, they should also take advantage of the chance to maximize reciting the beautiful duas. 

Quran Companion by Quran Academy 

Pilgrims have the opportunity to put their hands on the Ka'aba or the Black Stone and perform supplication. Yet, they fumble with their book or phone to find the duas they want to recite. Before knowing it, they have lost the golden opportunity! 

A few instants are just too superior for a piece of paper or phone to read duas. Prepare pilgrims by learning particular duas most meaningful. These can also increase rizq, getting a partner or be blessed with a child, because the Holy Quran has powerful duas for every life circumstances. 

Check out Quran Companion, a powerful Quran memorization app with multi-sensory learning techniques to help memories Quranic dua. Furthermore, it can help memorize new surahs which can diversify the recitations during salah! 

Uber by Uber Technologies 

Since one of the best ways to travel from Jeddah to Makkah is the new Uber option, so if pilgrims are not a fan of coaches and don't want to break the bank either, Uber is the way to get to Makkah from Jeddah being the best part. Thus, pilgrims can receive a free ride as a new user. 

Pilgrims can even check out with Uber the route and estimated rate via their collaborating map helping them budget better for Umrah trip. 

MyTravel Health App 

Taking care of health is pretty important during the sacred journey. MyTravel Health App has all the health material which are mandatory to perform Umrah, from vaccinations to common health alarms during Umrah and how to treat them. Pilgrims can also use this app to store all their critical information such as contact information, hotel, and emergency contacts. 

MyTravel Health App is now only available for iOS regardless. For Android users, the Travel Health Guide is highly recommended. It is an all-inclusive analysis and treatment information app written by an experienced travel medicine doctor to help pilgrim's work out what to do if they get sick.